Donate to SF bicon

Thanks so much for your support!

We will keep this updated as our needs evolve.

Email us to volunteer. Currently, we need assistance in the following areas:

  1. Fundraising: We need to find donors and sponsors. We’d love to have all costs covered and use all the money raised by ticket sales to cover next year’s conference. Please donate if you can.

  2. Marketing and outreach: The people who identify with the agenda of this conference aren’t connected in a single venue. We want to get the word out as broadly as possible.

  3. Allyship: Gays and lesbians can support us by explicitly welcoming bi, pan, ace, and trans people into their spaces. Put up our flags. Put up signs welcoming us. Have nights that give bi/pan/trans folks discounts on drinks. Ask us how you can support us. We need you to help us feel included and valued in the larger community. And most importantly, come and sponsor the conference and other events.