First San Francisco Conference for Bisexual+ Community in 30 Years Happening in October

SF BiCon is the first Bay Area conference for bisexual people in over a quarter century and will be held in San Francisco on October 12, 2019.  This event will be a celebration of people attracted to more than or fewer than one gender, where the bi+ community can come together to share stories, make connections, and have fun. It will be held at the LGBT Center in the Castro; sponsors and volunteers are being recruited now, and tickets will go on sale in April.

In 2019 there are no bars and few events in the Bay Area that center bisexual people, despite the fact that this population forms the majority of LGB population and are active participants in the queer scene.  Studies have shown that bisexual people are the invisible majority - a 2011 UCLA study found that 1.8% of the general population identify as bi - over 4.5 million Americans. Additionally, a 2016 report by GLAAD said that 52% of the LGB Community identify as bi. With SF BiCon, this community is finally getting a series of events in which they are the primary focus.

“We’re working to create more spaces and opportunities to connect with one another. Our community is rich with diversity of all sorts, and we only become stronger as we form more cohesion,” said organizer Bex.  

Bisexuality is often misunderstood as affirming the gender binary, when actually it encompasses an attraction to people who are both the same and different genders than yourself. There are several identities which also embrace attraction to more than one gender, such as pansexuals, demisexuals, and fluid folks. There are also those on the asexual spectrum, who aren’t attracted to most (or any) people, regardless of gender. Whatever label you use, all are welcome at BiCon.

“There are as many ways to be bi+ as there are bi+ people, and all of them are valid,” said organizer Martin Rawlings-Fein. “A person can, for example, be attracted to a woman but never date women, and still be bisexual. Or a person can be almost entirely attracted to men, except for very specific circumstances. That’s part of the beauty of the bi+ identities - they are tremendously varied.”

Biphobia persists among straight people and in the LGBT community. Bi+ people struggle from prejudice in both contexts, reinforcing the importance of this conference. Many people think bisexuals are promiscuous, or just going through a phase.

The one common trait among bi+ people is that another person cannot determine their sexual preferences simply by noting the gender of the person they’re with, which contributes to bi invisibility, and a sense of not being queer enough.

SF BiCon is organized by three committed queer activists. Shaun Haines is an activist who has served on several city task forces and recognized for his community contributions by civic leaders. Martin Rawlings-Fein is a bi+ Jewish trans man, parent and educator. Bex is a volunteer at Folsom Street Events and organizes events for the bi+ community on Meetup.

SF BiCon wants speaker submissions, especially those from underrepresented communities, sponsors, and volunteers. To volunteer, find out more, or be notified when tickets go on sale, follow SF BiCon on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for email updates at www.sfbicon.com