We want YOU to present at SF Bicon!

We especially encourage PoC, trans and nb folks to apply to speak. We’ll consider almost any topic, no matter how weird you might think it is! Sci fi, art, pop culture, race, politics, mythology, fashion, health, self care, gaming, radical resistance, queer heroes - anything you find exciting, we’ll probably find exciting too. Facilitated conversations, panel discussions, lightening talks, and presentations are all acceptable formats.

We would love to hear from allies in the broader rainbow community, too. We want this conference to be fun, eclectic, and exploratory.

We will try very hard to confirm that we’ve received your submission, but keep in mind that we are as bare bones an operation as it gets.

*Keep in mind humanistic and inclusive ideals. Terfs, misogynists, and racists are not welcome here.

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