This conference is being organized by three activists who have been working to build and support bi visibility inclusion.

Shaun Haines has been publicly recognized with a Certificates of Honor from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Certificate of Honor from Board President London Breed,  Assembly Member David Chiu and Senator Scott Weiner for his work in organizing important events in underserved communities; and by San Francisco Pride Board with a Heritage of Pride Community Award for outstanding service to the LGBT communities, and a Nia (Purpose Award) from Black Brothers Esteem for service and commitment to the needs of the community. 

The Kwanza Principal Nia stands for: “To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.”

Shaun is very active in various community organizations of San Francisco. Shaun is a former member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission LGBT Advisory Committee – focused on homelessness and housing and former member of the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force. He is currently a Permanent Member of the San Francisco Police Department Chief’s LGBT Advisory Forum. Shaun is an active Speaker representing the San Francisco LGBT Speakers Bureau and Diversity Trainer for New Leaders Council of San Francisco – a Political and Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute.

Shaun has also served on the organizing committee of: San Francisco Pride Board, the Generation Black LGBT Event Planning Committee and on the Advisory Committee of Sacred Space and the SF LGBT History Museum. Mr. Haines has been a contributing writer for the San Francisco Bay Times News Paper and is currently a contributing writer with Arise 2.0.

Martin Rawlings-Fein is a trans and bisexual filmmaker, who has been a bi+ organizer for the past 15 years with the Bay Area Bisexual Network ( Martin is married to a staff member from Anything That Moves, which is his claim to fame, and they have two children running about San Francisco.

Bex R. is a longtime queer activist and has been engaged with numerous local nonprofits in the queer and educational spheres. She currently sits on a local board of an LGBT nonprofit, and is involved in increasing SFPD transparency. She likes dogs and identifies as femme, demisexual and queer.