What's in a name? / by Rebecca Robbins

We, your organizers of BiCon, are excited to create conference that unites, celebrates, and validates those of us who may feel “not queer enough” and who may not have their own bar or community space.

We want to create a space for everyone of us who have felt a longing for a queer community that includes us. We want to come together and celebrate what makes us all queer and connected, similar and unique. We all deserve to be seen, and we all belong.

Feel free to call this conference whatever you want. But if you are on that queer spectrum, attracted sexually and or romantically to various combinations of genders, you belong here. You deserve to be celebrated, whatever your label. Welcome.

We quibbled and argued over what to call this. “Queercon” was rejected because some people feel alienated by the term queer. Omnicon, Pancon, demicon … nothing was quite right.

“Conference for Bi, Pan, Demi, Curious, Questioning, Ace and anyone else who wants to come be at our queer party” pretty much sums up our intentions, but doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue.

So this year, it’s called BiCon. Next year, maybe we’ll call it PanCon. Maybe the year after we’ll call it DemiCon. Or we’ll just call it something entirely different.

We’re open to suggestions for next year’s name. It’s a lot of work to put this all together, so bear with our imperfections.

xo Bex