Newsletter #1, of what will hopefully be regularly occurring installments by Rebecca Robbins

Dear Sparkly Queers and Allies,
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Read our Code of Conduct

First a link to our code of conduct, which we are constantly refining and improving. If someone violates any of  these, we will first attempt to make connections and repairs, but we ban people if necessary to maintain a safe environment for the marginalized among us.

We want to see a more connected, vibrant, and diverse bi+ community.  We’ve been putting together brunches, club nights, poetry, readings, and happy hours for all of us, and we’re just getting started.

We are opposed to gatekeeping, and anyone who can comply with our CoC  is welcome to join. We don’t ask for your dossier or check anyone’s bi card at the door; our priorities are connection and inclusion. Also, how could we be a bi community if we didn’t include a breadth of identities? Or diversity is what makes us dynamic and special. Also, being inclusive means we welcome bi+ folks *and their partners.*

Do you have thoughts on how we can improve our CoC? Let us know.

Complex Models of Attraction are Bi Culture

One of our tweets picked up steam and I think it’s because it sums up a lot of what’s misunderstood about bisexuality - we are not, contrary to popular belief, equally attracted to all genders, or even attracted to multiple genders all the time, or even necessarily sexually attracted to anyone, ever.

I really like this cake model of attraction, and it is so compatible with bi identities. The creator’s name is Luna Rudd, but I wasn’t able to find out anything about this individual. If you know this person, we’d love to hear them talk about this. It’s so awesome. I want to see more models like this that take into account all the variables of attraction. I think wanting to be around someone all the time just because they make you happy is a platonic form of attraction, too.

attraction layer cake .jpg

Upcoming Events

Friday, April 26: Bi Happy Hour at OMG

This is particularly exciting because the bar itself is hosting an event dedicated to the bi+ community. I don’t remember the last time this happened! Let’s support this and make it a trend by showing up!

Thursday June 27: Bi event at Manny’s (16th and Valencia): details tbd; evening programming. Save the date.  

Friday to Saturday October 11-12: SF Bicon!

Other Local Queer Events

This is by no means a comprehensive roundup of queer happenings in the Bay Area, but we thought we’d link to a few of them here to support what all’s going on. We’re hardly inventing the wheel here. Send us what you’d like to see added and we’ll try to keep up. It’s just me (Bex) writing this up right now! (Want a better newsletter? Help me write it!  

Writers With Drinks: A monthly event on the second Saturday of every month at the Make-Out Room on 22nd Street at Mission in San Francisco. Charlie Jane Anders is not only an amazing author, but also a delight; authors read from their work at a club in the Mission called the Makeout Room, which is a super queer venue. Queer crowd, lots of friendly people.

The Homobiles and Pansy Division: June 29 at the Ivy Room. Both iconic and excellent local queer bands.

Bi/Pan Discussion group: Second Saturdays at Oakland LGBT Center.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Easter in the Park and Hunky Jesus Contest: April 21, 12-4, Dolores Park

Folsom Street Events Beer Bust at Q Bar: April 21, 6-9 PM, 456 Castro between 17th and 18th.  This is primarily a gay event but Folsom is an amazing organization and we fully support them.  Also, conveniently this is a direct walk up 18th street from the Hunky Jesus contest.

What’s up with the conference?

We’re working on finalizing our first handful of speakers in our lineup. We are committed to having as diverse a range of speakers as we can, covering both serious issues as well as fun cultural issues that are relevant to the bi community. We’re also working on events that’ll happen before and after. You should buy tickets and come! We’re herding cats as fast as we can.

Give us a hand!

Do you want to help? We could really use some help. Here are things we need:

  • Help us get the word out! Tell your friends, or give us a contact at a media outlet.

  • Help us get sponsorship or donate money  

  • Help us write the newsletter.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Folsom Street Events (who put on Folsom Street Fair and Dore Alley)  needs folks to help run the beer booth at How Weird Street Fair! It’s May 5 and shifts are five hours. Email for an intro. Folsom raises millions of dollars for local nonprofits through its events, while simultaneously keeping SF queer af.

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What's in a name? by Rebecca Robbins

We, your organizers of BiCon, are excited to create conference that unites, celebrates, and validates those of us who may feel “not queer enough” and who may not have their own bar or community space.

We want to create a space for everyone of us who have felt a longing for a queer community that includes us. We want to come together and celebrate what makes us all queer and connected, similar and unique. We all deserve to be seen, and we all belong.

Feel free to call this conference whatever you want. But if you are on that queer spectrum, attracted sexually and or romantically to various combinations of genders, you belong here. You deserve to be celebrated, whatever your label. Welcome.

We quibbled and argued over what to call this. “Queercon” was rejected because some people feel alienated by the term queer. Omnicon, Pancon, demicon … nothing was quite right.

“Conference for Bi, Pan, Demi, Curious, Questioning, Ace and anyone else who wants to come be at our queer party” pretty much sums up our intentions, but doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue.

So this year, it’s called BiCon. Next year, maybe we’ll call it PanCon. Maybe the year after we’ll call it DemiCon. Or we’ll just call it something entirely different.

We’re open to suggestions for next year’s name. It’s a lot of work to put this all together, so bear with our imperfections.

xo Bex